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Sms design and Performance started in 2009 as a full service automotive design, performance and tuning facility. Our facility is dedicated to consistently providing world class workmanship for our clients, while emphasizing service and support to differentiate itself from its competitors.We specialize in automotive solutions – engine build and tuning, customization, restoration, ground-up car build, painting or any high-end services you may require for your sports or hobby cars.

We are committed to obtaining maximum satisfaction among our clients, which is why we offer the highest quality parts, we offer a choice of original and aftermarket parts.At SMSDP the ultimate mission is to become the pioneer in providing quality- oriented services. Boasting a 44,000 square foot workshop facility packed with the latest state of art tools, machinery, automotive tuning and highly trained and talented workforce.

About Owner Mr.Salah Salahuddin

Mr.Salahuddin started racing at a very young age of 18. His first ever stab at motorsport was when he was appointed as a rally navigator for a local rally event held in bahrain. After getting the hang of how rallycross operated he went further and bought himself his own car and participated in an international rally event that was held in Bahrain. With his Ford Mustang GT (Fox Body) also known as the “Lil King” a concept of being the ultimate drag race car which was built to beat at the time and is powered by a complete Ford drivetrain running a Ford small block motor AT. Mr.Salahuddin possesses a rich and diverse history in the automotive racing arena and is a winner of numerous titles in various fields before he set off to the united states to pursue his higher education where he also participated in many US car events. While Mr.Salahuddin is not racing, he runs and manages SMSDP which caters to all automotive needs.

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