A performance car is one that exhibits above-average abilities in one or more of the following areas: acceleration, top speed, cornering, and braking. It is debated how much performance is required to move classification from standard to high performance and SMS Performance make great efforts to have superior speed, agility, and overall driving experience.


Steering & Suspension

       Worn components in these systems can take away from the driving experience by decreasing vehicle handling. Avoid squeaks and rattles when driving over less than perfect road conditions.

       Get new tires, New lightweight wheels, springs and tuned shocks to match and Lower your vehicle.Upgrading this components affect weight distribution when accelerating, decelerating and cornering by amending the height. Lowering the car will affect aerodynamics as well, improve grip and reduce body roll. These are the most important improvements and we can do them all!


       One of the most important safety systems on a vehicle, brakes can never work too well, along with OEM rebuilds we can also upgrade systems with disc brakes, dual circuit master cylinders, stainless lines, and power brakes.

Higher-quality brake parts can last longer, decrease stopping distance, perform better under extreme conditions and, as a result, improve your vehicle's safety!


Electrical system

       We offer complete wiring harness fabrication and replacement. Both OEM style or a modernized versions with updated fuses and waterproof connectors are possible. Also if you are looking for some modern touches we can add Bluetooth capabilities, heated seats, etc with little to no visual modifications to the vehicle.